In the feature length horror film WANDERING SHADOWS, there is something lurking in the shadows for the new couple on the block.

Ted Hawn has a checkered past. The untimely death of his sister plunged him headlong into a drug-fueled mental breakdown. He’s clean and sober now, though, and as sane as anyone else. He and his wife “Doc” have put their troubles behind them. Now they’re starting life over in a new town. But the new house hides secrets of its own. Ted sees ghostly figures. And he hears angry screams and urgent whispers. Is his psychosis returning? Or is there something paranormal happening in the modest house on Main Street? With his once-solid marriage on the rocks, he risks everything to solve the mystery. But he may have gone too far. Will both Ted and his wife become the murderer’s next victims?

WANDERING SHADOWS in currently in pre-production. Please check back for updates of the film’s progress.

A short film was shot in 2012: a flashback and backstory to the modern events in Wandering Shadows. It was called "Crazy Joe" a 34 minute short, and was an official selection film festivals such as the 2013 Oceanside International Film Festival. Its about a man and his daughter are trying to cope with the loss of his wife/her mother.  Some scenes in the short will be incorporated into the feature.

Wandering Shadows is about 90% cast, and will be shot in San Diego, CA.