Strange goings-on in a tranquil neighborhood invade a dinner party, turning friend against friend. The taut short features talented and well known San Diego actors Randy Davison ("Deranged", "The Saddle"), Raquel Elizabeth Ames ("Ghostline", "The Romona Doll"), Mike Brayden ("A Good Ol' Chap", Soul Insurance"), Yvette Angulo ("A Walk in the Park", Birthday Wish"), and little Elizabeth Popovich ("Carving A Life").

The short won 2nd place in the Sci-Fi Horror category at the 2014 San Diego Fall Film Festival, and was nominaioned in the 2015 Film Awards in San Diego for Best Musical Score and Best Visual Effects. A possible feature is in the works, based on the short.

Stover Hill began life as an alternative for a planned feature called Wandering Shadows. After a good but not successful enough fundraising campaign for the feature, the money donated proved to be enough for a small, low budget short. Stover Hill was born out of a treatment by Clarke M. Smith, and later expanded upon and fleshed out by writer/producer and sometimes actor Jason Lethert and Sergio Kopelev, of Amalgomated Grommets . Jason appeared in Crazy Joe, the previous short from TimeAxis Entertainment.

Director Clarke M. Smith reunited with cinematographer Chris Patterson, and with a fabulous cast (and crew) in place, shot the film on one weekend (August 22-24, 2014). Also back on board was composer Reber Clark (nominated for Best Musical Score at the 2015 Film Awards in San Diego).

Rounding out the unbelievably talented and dedicated crew, was Stuart Allman (Assistant Camera), Chris Redman (Gaffer), Kevin Burke, Patrick Lavender, Ramy A. Hassan, Matt Joseph, Andrew Spencer, Beau Runnels, and the fabulous caterers "Da Moms".