Raquel Elizabeth Ames as "Robin"

At a young age Raquel Elizabeth was always involved in the Creative Arts, Music, Acting, Dance, Cheer. As a single mom, her career was on hold until her daughter grew up. Now, the indie actress has had opportunities working in a variety of indie films, such as Hardflip starring John Schneider, Resurrection Mary, Starring Kevin G. Schmidt & Sally Kirkland, a Walmart commercial, Mission Federal Credit Union & San Diego SDG&E, the TV show Desire: Table for Three, and La Corte de Familia.

Her recent acting credits include the indie feature "China White", as well as "The Ramona Doll", "The Widow", and "Ghostline" (2014).



Randy Davison as "Rich"

After receiving a BA in Theatre Arts from Boise State University in 1997, Randy moved to Los Angeles, where he continued his studies with The Atlantic Theatre Company and The Stella Adler Theatre. He has worked in numerous commercials, voice-overs, film, and television work, he has appeared in several plays. He appeared as Keith the plumber on "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" and a costarring role on the second season of Showtime's "Masters of Sex".

Randy has recently been very busy working in a number of short films such as "Deranged" and "The Teleporter", and is currently nominated for lead roles in "The Saddle" and "Bark of Luck". Next up are roles in the features "Kill Me Once" and "Zero: Dawn of the Darklighters".


Mike Brayden as "Will"

Mike was born in New Jersey. He studied acting at the University of Richmond and at the Robert Wald Studio. 2014 proved to be quite a year for Mike, with wins and nominations.

Mike had the lead role as the Chaplin in "A Good Ol' Chap", winner of the San Diego 48 hour Film Project for Best Actor. He also played the role of the demon in "Soul Insurance", an official selection of the Oceanside International Film Festival and Atlanta Horror Film Festival. His latest project is the role of Ray Niles in Dean Whitney's next feature "Kill Me Once".



Yvette Angulo as "Trish"

Yvette is an actress and assistant director, known for "Dinner and a Movie (2014)", "A Walk in the Park", and "Birthday Wish" (2014). She received rave reviews for her performance in "A Good Ol' Chap", winner of multiple awards at the 2014 San Diego 48 hour Film Project.


Elizabeth Popovich as "Ashley"

Elizabeth Popovich is an actress, known for "Sex Tape" (2014), "Carving a Life" (2015). Next up is a role in the TV Series "Battle Creek".





Clarke M. Smith - Director/Producer/Co-writer

Over the course of some 27 years, filmmaker Clarke M. Smith has made 17 short films (most recently "Crazy Joe"), as well as a feature film called "The Ethereal Plane", which won a first place award at the Big MiniDV Film Festival (2003 Best Narrative Feature), as well as landing several distribution deals in foreign markets and Amazon/VOD. His is currently planning his second feature - an ambitious ghost story called Wandering Shadows (official site here).

Besides directing, Clarke is the lead editor at Rolling Circle Productions.

Check out Clarke's new filmmaker's reel, covering 25 years of filmmaking here.





Chris Patterson-Director of Photography

An accomplished Cinematogapher at Refraction Film Productions, Chris has been shooting film, video and digital media professionally for over a decade. Chris's passion for motion picture began at the early age of 10 when his family bought him his first video camera. Since then he has made it his career, shooting for several different production companies up and down the west coat and all over the nation.

Chris shot "Crazy Joe" for TimeAxis Entertainment, and "Stover Hill" marks his seceond venture with the filmmakers. He also recently shot 3 shot films for Rolling Circle Productions.

View Chris' reel here.




Jason Lethert - Producer/Co-writer

Producer and writer Jason Lethert is known for "The Machine" (2011), "Traveling Through Life" (2012), and "U Pack It" (2014). Jason is also one half of Stover Hill's producing partner PowerSerg Pictures.

Jason also worked on, and appeared in "Crazy Joe".





Sergio Kopelev - Producer/Co-writer

Producer and writer Sergio Kopelev is the creative force behind PowerSerg Pictures, independent production company. As a former New York City medic, highly decorated police detective, and a litigation consultant, Sergio brings the richness of his experiences to everything that he does. After starting the "Operation Blue Ridge Thunder" regional Internet Crimes Against Children task force and being dubbed a Pioneer Cyber-Cop by the Washington Times newspaper, Sergio was recruited by a global consulting firm and moved to Southern California. In 2013 Sergio graduated from the UCLA post-graduate Professional Program in Screenwriting. He is currently pursuing his MFA in Screenwriting at Hollins University, while working on several feature scripts, as well as film and television projects.

Sergio is also on the team of award winning filmmakers Amalgamated Grommets.




Reber Clark - Composer

Reber has been doing this for a long time, and has an impressive body of work. He has written music for many different genres, with credits on HP Lovecraft projects. His score for our last short "Crazy Joe" was nothing short of stellar, and Stover Hill is equally impressive. And, its been nominated for Best Musical Score at the 2015 San Diego Film Awards.