Mark Steiner Actor: Mark Steiner.
Character: William Conti.

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Ralph Reda Actor: Ralph Reda
Character: Nate
Scully Actor: Charles N. Aungst III (Scully)
Character: The Contaminant
Janice Smith Actress: Janice E. Smith
Character: Tammi Conti
Peter Beam Actor: Peter Beam
Character: Victor
Production: Production Assistant
Gregorio de la Pagiano Actor: Gregorio de la Pagiano
Character: Ed
Production: Production Assistant

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N/A Actress: S B
Character:The Woman By The Phone
Production: Still Photography / Makeup / Production Assistant
Clarke M. Smith Director / Videography / Editor:Clarke M. Smith

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N/A Actor: Eric Smith
Character: Shun Drake
Production: Producer

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Leilani Smith Actress: Leilani Smith
Character: Chekers Waitress
Production: Executive Production Assistant

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Jeff "Mad Dog" Billado Actor: Jeff Billado (a.k.a. Mad Dog!)
Character: Hot & Sweaty Roller Blader
Donovan Actor: Donovan Burtan
Character:Incredibly cute baby who loves to drink his water!
Production: Executive Consultant to the Producer
Kim Actor: Kim Kaplan
Production: Make-up Artist

Video-stills provided by Taz Hargraves

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